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Alaska Pictures VI

I refused to pay. 

Big landscape makes the bikers look small.

My favorite bumper sticker was, "I brake for animals. Then I shoot them, eat them and wear their fur."

Mel and a muskox, warming up. 

Bikes, water, mountains... doesn't get any better than this!

Whittier... so dang pretty!

Access to Whittier is through this long, dark, dank railroad tunnel... kinda sketchy but cool. 

Old school. We didn't lodge here, but a cool looking building. 

Lots of wood everywhere. Unlike my desert. 

Every year they put one of these on the river and have a contest to see when the river breaks up. When the thing breaks loose and floats,that's the winning time. Because so many people enter, last year's prize was over $300,000. 25 different people won.

All right! Monday we'll wrap it up.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Someone put a quarter in the "Penny Per Flush" tray? Must've had a problem with a non-compliant 'floater'. LOL