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Alaska Pictures VII

Now there's a plow from the days when men were men. 

Nancy, I don't need to meet you. I know all about you already! One in every big city. 

What do they do with their seaplanes when the lake freezes?

Took this pic from the bike... stupider than texting. 

If you look closely, the siding looks like fish scales. A motel/fish. Fishy motel?

An upscale-fly in-to-your-house neighborhood. Jim looks majestic, doesn't he?

A restaurant in Homer started with this humble van, cooking it up on the Homer spit. 

Beauty, beauty everywhere.

A rather typical Alaskan's yard. 

Once a boat, now a landscape feature.

That's it! Thanks for following. 

Stay tuned Thursday for my all time favorite highway sign, and a Rant. 


Mel said...

Nancy, Why don't you tell us what you REALLY think???

Mel said...

Taking a picture from a bike while riding on the freeway??? And I thought Nancy was stupid!