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Alaska Pictures V

Yeah, a few grass stains...fortunately, Mel wore good gear. 

Bridal Veil Falls. Yeah right! No bride, no veils. 

An old pickup? Nope. Planter box. 

So dang pretty we just had to stop.

When you're a desert rat, you appreciate the water. Not the rain, however. 

 Mel feeds Red Bull the reindeer. Velvet antlers, this time of year. 

Chris Jacot, my old racing buddy and his wife Terry. Real Alaskans. 

Best B&B! A converted dairy barn. This was where the muck went. Cleaned up real nice. 

The Iditarod room. With a real sled, over 10k miles on it. 

Gorgeous. The mountains dip right into the water. 
 And more tomorrow! See you then. 


Mel said...

Thanks to Chris and Terry Jacot for treating us to a fine meal (and great stories) at their home in Wasilla after a long days ride.
Chris has a great senseless humor, just like another former motorcycle racer I know. (Hint: his name begins with a K!)

Kevin Parsons said...