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'50 Stories in 50 States' is Here!

Yes folks, book V is here! '50 Stories in 50 States; Tales Inspired by a Motorcycle Journey Across the USA Book V, The West' is available. And I'm looking to win the 'Longest Book Title' award as well.
This book, the last of the series, covers the west, home. Now each state has their own story.
Follow a couple of kids who decide to strike it big by quiltnapping; see what happens when a couple decides to buy a derelict vineyard and winery. And decide for yourself if the last state, Nevada, is nonfiction or science fiction. Think Area 51. There's even a nice motorcycle story woven through one state's story, for a change. And spoiler alert, one state features a murder too.
Book V is available, along with books 1-4, on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. Go to and search '50 Stories', and you should find it.

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