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Alaska Pictures IV

Bikes, buddies and beauty. Just a few minutes before Mel's crash. 

A road like this is super cool! Unless you overshoot a turn. 

The Valdez ER. Look at Mel smile, what a guy. That's before he saw the bill.

Valdez is so pretty it gives you a sideache. Stunning beauty. 

Now it's June! Do we just hit them?

A big, high scary bridge.

A big, deep scary canyon. Takes your breath away, but doesn't stop your knees knockin'.

Pedestrian bridge, McCarthy. I gave myself special dispensation and rode across it. 

Another fine example of a braided river, hence the name. 

Muskox. Rather ugly and I bet they stink. We saw no real ones. 

Skeeter casualties. Six hours after a sparkling clean face shield. 

More shots tomorrow! See you then. 

1 comment:

Mel said...

Regarding the last pic, "Some days you're the bug, Some days you're the shield."