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Alaska Pictures III

Snowmobiles- er, snow machines. Been around a long time. 

Sometimes tacky is cool. 

The Christmas House, Christmas all year long. Please shoot me. 

Biker trash. And Mel. This was at a burger joint, but not MacDonald's.

Upscale gas station. Way better than many!

So much for that 'sleigh and reindeer' rumor. Makes more sense, really. 

Beauty everywhere, and lots of it. Water, trees, mountains, snow. 

A kids' park in Tok. Wear your mukluks. 

Logs, the most common building material. This is the biggest...log something. 

Even the inside views are fabulous. 
See you on the next post, more photos!


Mel said...

The Tok Visitor Information Center, a mere 7,000 square feet, is said to be Alaska's largest log structure. A portion of it was partitioned off for use by the Tok Public Library. (Consider this comment a 'log blog')

Kevin Parsons said...

If it were difficult to write, would it be a log slog blog?

Mel said...

If it rambled on and on, would it be a blaahhhhg?