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Alaska Pictures II

This looked like an old married couple. Frustrated enough to want to fight, tired enough not to. They held up our bus for ten minutes in Denali Nat'l Park. 

How's that for a snow machine? Both pontoons rotated opposite ways and the thing somehow worked.

The gang, in front of the lodge by our cabin. Inside, Jon showed gorgeous slides from decades of his photography. 

The cabin. Austere, with a bush pilot theme. It works. 

The railings are made of gnarly spruce, indicative of decades of violent, nasty weather. 

We toured a fabulous auto museum, every car (84 of them) ran. Awesome.

The pipeline, the pride of Alaska. 600,000 gallons of a bubblin' crude a day. 

The Arctic Circle, 60 miles from our 'motel' on a dirt road. We made it up in 58 minutes. 

Dinner at a... place near the Yukon River stop. Trailers, containers and lean tos. 

The Yukon River 'motel', a recycled work camp from the pipeline building days. $200 a night. Common bathrooms, classy. 

That's it! More tomorrow. 


Mel said...

The actual cost of the Yukon River Camp "Motel" was $219 per night (plus tax) for a room with two twin beds. Kevin had been our leader for the day and Jim was scheduled to lead the next day, so I offered to pay my share
($78.11) to sleep on the floor. I use the word "sleep" rather loosely, and commend Jim and Kevin for putting up with my bad attitude the next day. (I'm sorry, but I just don't do well when deprived of a good nights sleep.)

Kevin Parsons said...

Oops, $219. When it's that cheap, you don't notice a few extra bucks.