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Alaska Pictures I

Talkeetna. Great little tourist trap. And we saw that Alaskans decorate their pickups with rust.

Living proof that bears love ham and beer too.

Jean, daughter of Mary Carey, who homesteaded here, with her awesome view of Mt. McKinley. Somewhere. She had amazing stories. And great blueberry pie. 

Crazy looking old loader with cam/chain lifting bucket. Bikes and Inn in background.

Alaska. Biggest state, biggest fireplaces, biggest wood piles. Maybe it gets cold here in winter.

The Denali Dome Home, Bed & Breakfast. And a huge addition. Awesome quarters!

Homemade cart...something...thingy. 

Lots of stunted spruce trees, although I think we saw more birch trees than anything. 

Braided rivers. In spring, the ice breaks up and the water goes a different direction, eventually making a wide swath. 
Sheep grazing, Denali Nat'l Park. 

More tomorrow!

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