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Alaska Bound! Motorcycle Road Trip

2 weeks to go before our Alaska Adventure. Jim, Mel and I will be heading out on June 7th (my birthday), flying up to Anchorage and renting dualsport bikes for our tour. Mel is very good with details (I didn't even know what a detail WAS until I met him) and has developed a fine itinerary. We'll be going of cool places. Okay, I do know. We'll see Valdez, Homer, Anchorage, Wasilla, Denali National Park and a lot of other places.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post every day and keep you informed on our many moose we've hit, how many reindeer we rode, etc. Since I'll be bringing the iPad (the tool of Satan), you probably won't see pictures, but I'll post them on Facebook. Why it can do FB and not the blog, I don't know.

Motoquest (product placement!) will hook us up with bikes, and we'll be off! Going to be around a ten day trip. Hope you can ride along.

Wait a minute. June 7th is a week from tomorrow. Oops.
That would be a detail.

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Mel Nason said...

Two weeks, eh, Kevin? (Did you catch the Canadian accent there... eh?.)
Have a nice adventure by yourself, then. You'll just have begun your trip as Jim and I are riding back to Anchorage to catch our flight home... but we'll be sure to wave.