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Still More Obamacare

Here's  the nickle tour: I started trying to get O'Care months ago. After dozens of phone calls, numerous attempts via the website and hours on the phone, I got it for me and Quilter Girl. And, the powers that be declared us poor and eligible for Medicaid. Forty-six bucks a month for health and dental. No deductibles, no copays, ain't life grand? Then we got cancelled... without our knowledge.

I tried, I really did. I called the number on the back of my card. It asked for one for English. 1. It asked for my member number. ******.No,try again. ****** No, you've tried too many times and it HUNG UP ON ME! I attempted it three more times with the same anger-generating results. Rather than throw my phone across the room (it didn't do anything wrong), I got on the Nevada health care website, found and tried another number. Couldn't get through. Grr! I decided to do the 'contact u's on the website. I entered my username. Looked up my password in my password safe deposit box, and it informed me that my password expired. Get a new one. I entered a new one, twice (and being honest here, the password contained an obscenity), and it KICKED ME OFF! it said 'Oops,didn't work,we'll contact you.'

Right. That was four days ago.
Brainstorm! Health Care Girl- um, that is, Quilter Girl can take over from here.
After all, I have a full time job.
And it seems that getting-and keeping- health care is a full time job.
On a brighter note, stay tuned for the Alaska Bike Trip update later this week.

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