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Turkey Basters and Motorcycle Services

I serviced Libby today, and after acquiring a turkey baster, the project went very well.

Whenever one performs a routine oil change type service on a Gold Wing, one must also change the oil in the rear end, or differential. Since it only holds a few ounces, it makes sense. I've struggled with getting oil back into the bike, since the filler opening is tucked behind the muffler. Today I had a revelation, and voila! I discovered a simple method to get the oil into that tight spot. (Pat myself on the back here).Take a turkey baster, stick it into the differential oil can, suck up the oil, then squirt it into the opening. It takes eight or nine good shots, but works way better than the old method. That is, lay the bike on its side. It only lays down to a forty five degree angle, but getting it back upright is a chore. Because Libby is a big fat pig.

Oh,I can't believe I put that in print. That will come back to bite me, I just know. But she does weigh over nine hundred pounds.

Anyway, common tools such as a turkey baster can make work easier. Now I just need to rinse it out and get it back in the drawer before Quilter Girl notices it is gone.


Sherry Carter said...

You're up a creek! You'll never get that oil smell out of there. She'll know immediately.

Kevin Parsons said...

I can just see it. "This turkey tastes oily." Oops.

Mel said...

"Kevin, dear, I'm not sure why the white meat looks so dark, but this is the moistest, um... most moist turkey we've ever had."

Mel said...

After that remark about Libby's weight, she'll probably shoot dressing and gravy out her tailpipe the next time you 'try' to start her.