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Obamacare Final Wrap-Up. Hopefully!

Yes folks, after a mere 115 days, we got a letter telling us we were in! We officially have medical coverage through Obamacare. Woo hoo! It did note however that we hadn't chosen a doctor yet and suggested we do so. Two days later we received the Member Handbook, with a list of providers. A little cart before the horse there. That's no issue, compared to the 45 phone calls (3 successful) and numerous other challenges getting in. Yet we are in, we have health care coverage and dental for the two of us, for $46 a month, because we're poor. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for paying for our health insurance. Unless of course, you are poor too.

The price will change in the near future, as soon as we get our tax return. We'll let our Obamacare friends know that we're no longer poor.
Unless we're still poor.

That should be a wrap for our Obamacare saga.
Thanks for following.

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