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Easter Mutterings, Musings, Rants and Raves

Why does Santa get so much press and the Easter Bunny get so little? Probably because he brings so many ridiculous gifts.

What's the Easter Bunny got to do with anything anyway? Oh sure, spring and fertility. Right.
Maybe the bunnymeister gets a short straw because of Easter eggs. A kid goes out and hunts for the colorful eggs, finds them, then peels and eats hard boiled eggs. A bit of a letdown compared to Halloween candy.

Because I visited my dad for Easter, I attended a vigil service Saturday night (2-1/2 hours!) and Mass on Sunday. The Catholics really know how to do up Easter.
I like so many different types of music, but sure appreciated the handbell choir. What a cool bunch of people- ringers, every one of them.

Why do we say, "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Easter"?
Something I learned this Easter. Abraham and Isaac were examples of the father willing to sacrifice his Son. But another foretelling was Isaac carrying the wood for his own sacrifice, while Jesus carried the wooden cross for His sacrifice.
Hmm. Santa says,"Ho ho ho." The rabbit doesn't say anything.
I remember an Easter eggs hunt inside our house when I was around five years old. No one realized we'd missed an egg until a week or so later. Found it!
There's almost no Easter music. 'Here Comes Peter Cottontail,' but who's heard that song in the past twenty years? Who even knows the song?

When I was a kid, everyone got new outfits for Easter. The ladies wore colorful hats, and new spring-pretty dresses. I saw people at Mass wearing shorts and flip flops.
Give the Catholics credit; they know how to kneel. Does any other denomination/church? Respect.
Merry Easter to all,and to all a good day.

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