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Saving the World- One Pedal At a Time

I've been riding my bicycle to work lately, for a number of reasons. First, the weather is wonderful. For you people in the Midwest, that means it's above ten below. Actually, it's around fifty in the early morning and up to the low seventies riding home. My Michigan friends would be water skiing in our kind of weather.
Secondly, it's great exercise. Nothing like a bike ride to get the heart rate going. And lucky for me, the ride is downhill all the way to work. Unless of course you didn't remember your backpack with cell phone, wallet, glasses and tire repair kit until you were halfway to work so you had to turn back and get it. But who would do a thing like that? The ride home, uphill all the way. Perhaps a shower is in order.
Another advantage is that I get exercise while going home, rather than stopping at a gym or climbing Mount Kilamanjaro.
However, the overriding reason I ride is to Save the World. I've read the signs. Save the world, don't have the motel wash your sheets. Save the world, use an electric hand drier. (Doesn't it take coal to fire the power plant to provide power for the dryer?) I've goofed around enough, I'm saving it! Yes, I admit to using paper towels, forcing the hapless motel people to wash my sheets, and  driving a car bigger than a shopping cart. Enough! Time for some world saving.
I figure if I ride to work faithfully for a month, the world should be saved. The polar ice caps, that were supposed to melt in five years, will still be here. Wait a minute. Al Gore predicted they would disappear in five years... five years ago. Hmm. Anyway, you are welcome. Then you'll be able to drive your SUV anywhere you like.
Nowhere different than you do now. You just won't drive with the guilt.

Cool lights, huh? Rechargeable, as long as you remember to charge them. Who would forget that, right? Right?


Mel said...

I don't have an SUV but, thanks to you, I will drive my truck with less guilt. Thanks for taking this one for the team.

Kevin Parsons said...

Mel, go buy an SUV! You are free now!