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Discount Tire- Saying No While Saying Yes

I love great service. When someone goes the extra mile or makes my buying experience better, I appreciate it. A few days ago my boss/son/partner Tim took a truck to Discount Tire for some new skins. The order was a bit different, as he wanted the front fires removed and mounted on two other wheels, a new tire mounted on the third wheel, and new tires on the front. A few hours later Tim asked me to check on it and pick it up I said sure.
I googled 'discount tire henderson' and found three options,and there it was, the Boulder Highway branch. I called and got Marty. Our conversation went something like this:
"Discount Tire, I'm Marty, how can I help you?"
"Hi Marty, I'm Kevin with Parsons Rocks (A little product placement there) and we left a flatbed truck there for some tire work. It is done?"
Okay, hit pause right there. I've called the wrong branch. Marty looks around and can't find a Parsons truck, nor an order. Here's what he could have said;
"Sir, I'm sorry, but we have no truck like that. Perhaps you should try another branch." 100% true statement, no problem. But here's what Marty said. Hit play:
"I'm pretty sure your truck's finished, but it isn't at our store.If you don't mind waiting, I'll check some other stores for you."
I realized my mistake, thanked him and called the Marks store myself.
Is that awesome or what? First, he gave me an affirmative GUESS that the truck is done. Then he goes the extra mile and offers to find my truck, and solve my problem. I took care of it myself, but what great positive answers and awesome service! A tip of the face shield to Discount Tire.
And the truck? Done, just like we requested, and ready to go.

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Mel said...

That's it... You've convinced me! I'm going to Discount for help with my retirement plans.