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Obamacare- The Grief Continues

I thought the saga was over. We were going to be eligible for healthcare on April 1. April Fool's Day, how appropriate. However, we got a wrench thrown in the gearbox today. First, some background:
I applied for O'Care first on December 2, and haven't gotten it yet. During the application process, we discovered we were poor and eligible for free healthcare. Amazing. The website told me I could be I could alsobe eligible for welfare! Well, why not? I started the application process, but it asked too many appropriate questions such as, do you have any Real Estate? Yes. A lot. Do you have any stocks? Bonds? Dividends? Yes yes and yes, to the questions that Oboyohboycare should have asked. I knew I wouldn't be eligible, so I stopped the application process. Last week I got a letter, and was approved for welfare! I sent the letter back, indicating that I now have a paying job and don't need it. Okay, brace yourself.
Got a voicemail today, that said something like this: "Mr. Parsons, I got your reply that said you are gainfully employed and not in need of welfare. I'm happy for you. I also assume you will not need helathcare and will dismiss your application. Call me if you have any questions."
Noooooo! You have got to be kidding me! The question isn't if I want health care of not, the question is how much, if any, I need to pay for it. I called ___ to explain it to him. After two attempts, I reached him a record! Told him the story.He wanted employment verification within ten days of my application would be denied and I would need to apply all over again. I tried not to chew up my phone and spit it out. Told him I'd take care of it today. He said wonderful. "However, you'll get a letter in the mail denying your benefits. Just ignore it. So the denial is in writing, but he says we're good. Not too comfortable with that. 

So, for those of you keeping track of the numbers:
51   phone calls. 
4    of those phone calls successful. 
5    applications
3    denials of applications- ignore them!
100 days attempting to get healthcare
3 payments made with no healthcare
2-1/2 hours on hold.

What a journey!


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