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Angels- They Are Everywhere!

I rode a fifty mile bike ride last week, and during the ride encountered a flat tire. I possessed a spare tube, but lacked air. Apparently my Boy Scout training, 'Be Prepared' had worn off. Enter Mary, another rider who stopped upon seeing my dilemma. Pretty obvious, since I set the bike upside down, took the wheel off and stood beside it with Basset Hound eyes.

Mary and a friend stopped and she asked what was my problem. Rather than state ALL my problems, I kept it tight to the air situation. She got off her bike an offered her air, a nifty pump/cartridge thingy. I told her I'd just pump it up, as I didn't want to use up her only cartridge. She replied that if she had a problem it would give someone else the chance to be a Good Samaritan. What a great attitude. I decided to get a similar system to hers and buy two cartridges, making me once more a good scout.
As Mary pedaled away,she said over her shoulder, "Have a blessed day."

I already did.

So forget when was the last time you saw an angel, the question is, when was the last time you were an angel?


Mel said...

I swear that angels helped me learn angles when I studied triggernometry. I shore wish they'd hepped me with speling, to!

Mel said...

All joking aside... I can recall several incidents in my life while driving where, if it hadn't been for angels protecting me, I'd be dead!
Yes, I do believe in angels! God bless em' all!

Sherry Carter said...

I'm sure there've been several times when my guardian angel had to go take a nap after taking care of me!