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Some things I just don't get:

We're more concerned with safety than ever. Like bike helmets. When I was young, I'd just bust my head open and haul home, crying, for some hugs and cookies from Ma. Now I saw my seventeen month old grandkids wearing helmet, on their trikes in the back yard on the grass. Okay, but then my grandson (a whisker short of two) just got a new bike- a bicycle mind you- with no pedals and no brakes! Oh, he's crashed all right. They say he'll learn to ride a bike better and sooner. And heal faster too! At least he'll get hugs and cookies.

Cops chase guys that hold up 7-11s for eighty bucks, but white collar crimes- in the tens of thousands and more- go unchecked. I realize the 7-11 crook has a gun and that makes it a big deal. But still.

Las Vegas cops will no longer investigate non-injury auto accidents.There's a can of worms for the courts with 'he said she said.' The ambulance chasing lawyers gotta love that. They love the fight. I bet it causes our insurance rates to spike. At least they can cut the city's budget, right? Right?

How can anyone lose an airliner? I bet Google could find it. Wouldn't some satellite, somewhere, have seen it?  

When are we going to stop throwing money at schools and expect different results? When will we reward good behavior and punish bad? After the bank bailouts, I guess we don't roll that way anymore.

Why is smoking so evil- every ten minutes a new study reminds us of the perils of smoking- and marijuana gets a free pass? I can't believe ingesting any smoke in your lungs is a good thing.

Did you know Nevada has no lottery? The casinos don't want competition. Cowards.

Our garbage service included picking up our trash twice a week. Believe me, when it's a buck ten in the shade, it's good to see it go. However, Republic Services (almost as big as Google) changed it to once a week. Huh. Didn't see any cost savings for us. Curious.

How did we ever live without cell phones, Facebook, Twitter and texting? I still see people texting and talking on the phone while driving. I always want to honk and give them the 'whatup?' signal, but I'm chicken.
Nevada has a new safety program call 'Zero Fatalities.' Seems like it's statistically impossible. Actually, it could work. Just ban motor vehicles. Problem solved. Suicides might go up.

And finally, where did all the good comedians go? Remember Red Skelton? He always ended his show with a wave and,
"Goodbye, and may God bless."

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