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50 Stories in 50 States Volume II- It's Here!

Yes folks, Volume II is out and once again it is free! This covers the east coast, and features states such as Rhode Island, where we see how the wealthy lived in the Gilded Age. In North Carolina, we get a teenager's look at his grandpa, with quite a surprise. You'll enjoy some history with  Revolutionary and civil war stories.  Oooh, a haunted house too! You'll see how a boy uses candy to work up his courage to ask a cute girl on a date. There's plenty more.
Like Volume I, it's around a third the size of a novel and contains ten stores, each taking place in a different state. The book is a great read for two types of people; those who have been to any of the states, and anyone who hasn't.
Smashwords has it available in numerous formats, and it should be on B&N (Nook) soon.You can find Volume I there, and we're still waiting for Amazon to come to the party for both books.
I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to write a review of it too.
Thanks for following and reading!

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