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Super Bowl Commercials- The Touchdowns

First, a test. How many commercials were aired during the Super Bowl? This includes from the kickoff to one segment after the game ended, 30 second spots or more, none of the little blurbs. a.) 37 b.) 51 c.) 68 d.) 87 The answer at the bottom. Since they spent a jillion dollars (perhaps a gazillion?) on each commercial, getting their spot to a touchdown looked pretty daunting. You got thirty seconds, or a minute or more, to wow us. However, I think quite a few did the happy dance in the end zone. My five picks for winners, from number five to one: 5.) The engineers that get their wings when a car turns 100k miles. Very creative,and it demonstrates the car's dependability. Do you remember which car? VW. And the rainbows- um- making an appearance after 200k miles? Hilarious. Very clever, Volkswagen. Six points.
4.)Doritos. The two kids aren't going to help unload the groceries, until the announcement, they will get Doritos if they do. Big brother takes off, little sister, with a huge age and size disadvantage, mounts the dog like a horse, lassoes the chips and overcomes her big brother. Clever and funny! And we know, people will do anything for Doritos. Score!
3.) The 'I Believe in Miracles- You Sexy Thing' bull. Chevy truck. The song made the spot work, ingenuitive, cute, and the truck pulled the cow, demonstrating that Chevy trucks work. I like commercials that both entertain and show us the product's features and benefits. Check the scoreboard, oh yeah!
2.) The scene opens with rich people in a hostage situation. A Russian tells the hostage (that we can't see), in Russian, what he's going to do to her, ending with, 'I'm going to cut you up and sprinkle you on ice cream.' Huh? It's the yellow M&M! It helped to see the previous buildup commercial, where she got hit with a tranquilizer dart, days before the Super Bowl. However, it wasn't necessary. M&Ms catches the ball, breaks three tackles and SCORES!
1.) The Touchdown and Two Point Conversion trophy goes to: The family at breakfast, Dad uses Cheerios to demonstrate to daughter (she's so cute!) how they are going to have a little brother or sister. Dad thinks it's an informational meeting, Mom (with the bump showing) looks on and marvels at her husband's ingenuity. The daughter however (she's so cute!) considers it a negotiation and slides in another Cheerio, stating that it represents the new puppy. Dad concedes and Mom gives us the most precious 'deer in the headlights' look. Homey, family, creating an emotional connection, and getting Cheerios into the equation. Excellent job! Yay team.
What a great time. It's amazing that advertisers spend billions (literally) entertaining us while pitching their products. Stay tuned tomorrow for 'Super Bowl Commercials- The Interceptions,' the ones that didn't make it. You may be surprised at my choices. How many commercials ran during the big game? Eighty seven. Way more than I would have guessed. Way to go Hawks! I'm originally from Seattle,so it was a great great game. Later this week I'll also post a Motivational Minute' on Russell Wilson, QB for Seattle. His post game interview said so much.


Mel said...

I didn't realize there were 87 commercials, but these were some of my favorites, too... Especially the ones for Cheerios and M&M's.

Kevin Parsons said...

87! Who would have thought?