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Super Bowl Commercials- The Interceptions

Okay, you've called the play, run it, it looks good, and... D'oh! What a disaster.
My criteria for loser commercials holds the big players to a higher standard. Therefore, some big guns get the bad press. My five loser picks (my opinion) for Super Bowl loser commercials are as follows:

5.) The song, 'Oh Beautiful' in multiple languages. Supposed to make us warm and fuzzy. Looked to me like Coke attempted 'I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing' again. Mushy. What, we're all going to drink Coke and achieve world peace?

4.) I'll get grief for this one. The Budweiser puppy/horse love story. Barf. Way too sappy. Using a dog and horses to touch our heart strings. My string's snapped, I guess. Does this commercial have anything to do with beer? I  can appreciate emotion, but tie in your product. Their aluminum can ad was much better, at least they sold their features and benefits.

3.) Need a Macy's Doughnut? Really? Did I miss something, or were they really selling doughnuts at Macy's? I hope I didn't completely miss the point, but it looked like a wobbly toss that got picked off.

2.) The dead kid, upside down in his car seat. Revolting, disgusting, gratuitous and crude. I'll admit it was effective to make me think about using my seat belt. But please. Ugh. Like watching a player get injured on the field. Only much worse. Bad commercial, no photo.

1.) The Super Bowl allows local commercials, so an ambulance chasing dirt sucking scum bag sleaze ball attorney took three spots. Same commercial, must have cost him a fortune, but one slip and fall settlement and he's made bank. He would like me to include his name. A clear picture of what is wrong with our country. Fortunately it was only local. That's not an interception, that's running the wrong way down the field.

I'm afraid, looking at the eighty-seven entrants, that there were more candidates for bad than good, but if a sponsor scores a winner, it is the real deal, like winning the Super Bowl 43-8. Oh, yeah.

Stay tuned Thursday for the Motivational Minute, spotlight on Russell Wilson, the Seahawks quarterback.

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