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50 Stories Cover Art

Woo hoo! After I struggled to download the cover art, I got Sue Campbell (graphic artist extraordinaire)to send me a JPEG file. Apparently PDF won't work on blogs, and using my extensive knowledge (which you could put on the head of a pin) of pictures, I could not figure out how to convert it. Anyway, there it is, voila. Now I'm so thrilled, I might throw in the rest.
As you can see, they are quite similar, as I tried to keep them thematic.
Each volume indicates which states are included in the book- 10 states in each region. Yes, they are out of order. Wah.
You'll notice no blue or red colors, as I didn't want to anger any Democrats or Republicans. Imagine coloring the Southern states blue. Not a good idea!
There you have it, 50 stories, 50 states. I'll release the first book soon on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Smashwords. Each book will be released every month. Should be fun! Thanks to my riding mate, Quilter Girl (we should change her name to Photo Girl. Okay, maybe not) for the great photo, and Susan Campbell for making magic out of it.


Pam said...

Wow can hardly wait to read and enjoy...the cover is great

Mel said...

Pink for the West?? PINK?? Really??!! I wish I'd been consulted... Now I'm insulted! Still looking forward to reading the copy I won in the "Guess the Mileage" Contest. I just hope I don't have to pick it up in person!

Kevin Parsons said...

I thought pink was perfect for the west... California, Washington.