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Obamacare XI, Success! Pretty Sure No Kidding!

On my forty eighth total attempt to call the Nevada Health Link Center, the call went through! I almost hung up on it, I've been so used to the calls failing. After waiting on hold for an hour and twenty eight minutes (honest), Deborah picked up and offered to help me. She was very friendly and seemed to know what she was doing. I told her my CRM number and explained the dilemma: The website thought my wife didn't seek health care. Deborah said it would be best to start the application process over. I got online and she walked me through it. Actually, crawled me through it.

Without belaboring details, I reset my username and passwords four times because it said I had the wrong ones, as I tried to access the website 11 times. On twelve, it let me in! I filled in blanks and when it got to my address, it choked. So we STARTED OVER AGAIN. That's like going on a road trip and having a flat tire 600 miles into the trip and driving back to the starting point to fix the flat. We restarted four times.
Seven more attempts and it wouldn't recognize my username and password again. Deborah decided to deactivate the four accounts, start really really fresh, informing me that the website was incredibly slow.

Have you kept up? 19 attempts at usernames and passwords, four different applications, and four and a half hours. But we got coverage! Medical and dental. $23 and change each a month, because we're poor.
Speaking of poor, I tried signing up for food stamps and I have great news. They ask myriad questions about savings accounts, rental income, dividends, and plenty of others, and we aren't eligible. I do find that relieving.
Thirty-seven days later, we are in. That wasn't so bad.
Oh yes it was!
For your viewing pleasure, a few jokes and cartoons. Keep smiling!


Sherry Carter said...


You should put this whole story together and send it to Obama!

Kevin Parsons said...

It was easy! Anyone can do it. Ya just gotta be patient. No wonder they call them patients.