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New Book(s) Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen (drum roll please), I am pleased to announce that soon I'm launching the '50 Stories in 50 States: Tales inspired by a motorcycle journey across the USA' book series. It's a five book series, divided by regions, with ten stories that take place in ten states in each volume. Okay stop the drumming, they aren't quite ready yet. Artist extraordinaire Suzanne Campbell is busy designing cover art, and my excellent editor Jami Carpenter is putting the final touches for publishing the first volume in Smashwords, Amazon, the Apple Store and other venues. Yes, they are ebooks.

These stories were inspired by Quilter Girl and me riding through mundane sections of the '50 States' tour. Cruising along the Mississippi River, we would imagine a kid rowing up and down the river all summer long and we'd talk about that, weave in a bit of a love story in and voila! A short story. My faithful readers will remember this tale as I previously posted it on the blog.

Volume I features the Great Lakes and N.E. regions. The states include love stories, murder and intrigue, and for you motorcycle enthusiasts, a look at the AMA Hall of Fame in Ohio, as two young boys break in to spend the night there. Other states like Maine feature local culture and cuisine, along with a lady who- ahem- some of you may have encountered during their own adventure through this life.

Okay fire up the drums again. For my faithful followers, I'll be offering the first volume for FREE, as a way of saying thanks. Yes, instead of paying a confiscatory amount of $.99, you'll pay NOTHING! You could take that all that cash and buy a hot fudge sundae at MacDonald's and think happy thoughts. Stay tuned.

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