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More Obamacare Chaos, XII

Sorry folks, but I thought the Obamacare saga had ended. We signed up, paid our premium with our credit card online, and stood by the mailbox, hopping up and down from one foot to another, waiting for cards and health care coverage. Instead we got a letter that we couldn't figure out. Did we have coverage, or not? I got online (1st try!) and entered my username and password. Here's what I found:
'NOTICE OF YOUR ENROLLMENT EXPIRATION Your enrollment for a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through Nevada Health Link has expired due to non-payment of full premium amount by the due date. You may start a new application for the next available coverage effective date. If you have already mailed your check and it is received by the due date, please give us few business days for processing. If you have questions or if you would like to request a refund on any partial payments, please contact Nevada Health Link Customer Service...' You are kidding me! Start a new application! I'll call tomorrow. That will be call number 44, one of which has been successful. Tomorrow/today. I called, and got through on the first try! Sat on hold for fifty-three minutes, and Armando came on. I explained the drama and he told me it was a glitch. Everything's fine. I have a problem with that. The letter and the website indicate IN WRITING that I'm out, but Armando tells me I'm in. I'll just have to believe him and wait for another confirmation, with a different result. Back to the mailbox, hopping and hoping. For you numbers people, it's day 58, phone call number 44, and 2-1/2 hours on hold. And five applications.

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