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Obamacare VIII,Total Insanity

Cheryl the broker called today! She had some great ideas for registering for Obamacare:
1.) Wait until January or February. "You won't have to pay a fine." Right. The problem is, our current coverage has a $250,000 limit, unacceptable to the feds, so I'm expecting a Dear John letter from that provider any day.
2.) Try to apply late at night or early in the morning.
She's learned a few things, too. Like for instance, if you're on the phone for an hour and forty five minutes, you'll get cut off. Ooooh, if that doesn't make someone want to go postal. I'd like to know her secret to at least getting through on the phone, because I've never gotten through. I call six times a day (my limit) and always get,"All circuits are full. Please try again later."
Okay, so what about my wife's ineligibility? Cheryl recommended I get on the site, get on 'settings,' and go to 'terminate' and start the entire process over. Sounds like fun! I did. The site moved with all the speed of a sloth in hibernation, the little blue wheel spinning with a hypnotic effect. It timed out twice. Finally, I got in! I went where Cheryl instructed, and got to 'Terminate Policy.' I hit 'submit' and it said something like, 'You need to give a reason for the termination.' Okay. But I can't find a place to write it! I hit the 'x' to take the message away. Maybe I could type my reason behind it. No. It went to the previous page,so I tried terminating it again. Got the same error message.
So I can't get the coverage, and I can't stop it either!
Never seen anything like it.

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