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Obamacare VII- How Did We Get Here?

Day eleven of our search for health care. On day seven I discovered we were poor, and eligible for Medicaid and food stamps. What criteria determined we were poor?
First, when filling out our application, we needed to give our last tax return information, ending 12/31/12. If you've been following me, you know that in '12, Quilter Girl and I spent over eight months traveling around the country on a motorcycle with a pop top tent trailer.You could say we were homeless, but that seems a bit harsh.
However, we didn't work in any employment capacity.
"All right,Parsons," you say, "That's enough! You own five businesses, right?"
Yep. The California business, a twelve year old construction company, in partnership with my good friend Gordie, lost money. Our California Real Estate investment company, did too. My son's business continued to bleed money as well, and our Nevada commercial Real Estate company lost money due to high vacancies (as much as 66%) and because we got screwed out of over fifty thousand dollars in back rent from a church. Yes, you read that right. Pastor Antiwon Carter is a cheat and a thief. We also spent a great deal of cash on a 'junkyard dog' attorney who, if anyone could collect it, she could. She successfully collected a little over twelve hundred dollars for us.

We had stock dividends that did well and were reported in our Obamacare survey.
Our residential Real Estate business clicked right along. However, coupled with the other losers and an accounting procedure called 'loss carry over' (previous losses), our Adjusted Gross Income for the year 2012 was $8,600. Pretty pathetic. That's life in Nevada and California, two of the worst hit states in the Great Recession. Haven't seen any bailout money yet. Oops, maybe I will soon!
But poor? No. If we really needed cash, we could siphon some off the IRA (I'm eligible this year), sell a house, a motorcycle or perhaps blood.
However, when you read about the plight of Americans (and many do have quite a plight, I know), remember me.

The Obamacare health care search? Still haven't gotten through to see why Quilter Girl is ineligible, and haven't heard from our broker.
The journey continues.
If you'd like to send us money for our impoverished situation, just go to and follow the directions.


Sherry Carter said...

Keep posting these, Kevin! I love reading them - I'm amazed you're going through this with a great sense of humor.
Praise God we have good insurance and we can even afford it :)

Mel said...

I tried to call to donate to your cause, but all six times I got a message saying, "All circuits are full. Please try again later." Does Obamacare have an office in your neighborhood or something?