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Obamacare IX, No Progress

I tried to call the Assistance Line today, once again, 'All circuits are busy. Please call again.' I've called four days, six times a day, and never gotten through. I could call Cheryl the broker and hammer her, but she uses the same phone number, with the same results. I think it's time to give Obamacare a rest. I'll try after the first of the year. But first,a Rant.

This is the worst service I've ever encountered, public or private, of any entity. This website has cost us (you and me, the taxpayers), so far, over nine hundred thousand dollars. Experts claim it should have cost around five million. So it's even worse!
In addition, six million people have lost coverage. The intent was for everyone to be covered, not exactly  accomplishing our goal. Three hundred thousand and change have signed up. At that rate, it will take Americans eighty three years to sign up. That's if you don't count the ones who've lost coverage.

Who's been fired? Mr. Obama uses the word 'Accountable' frequently, but neither his Health and Human Services leader, Kathleen Sebelius, nor the website contractors, have been disciplined. Sooo... how would we expect this to improve, dramatically like it should, any time soon? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
I saw on the news that young people are holding rallies to opt out of Obamacare, willing to pay the fines rather than the high premiums, another promise that provided exactly the opposite result as promised. Speaking of that, doesn't it seem oppressive that we are coerced to sign on to this wonderful plan, or we face a fine?
I must throw President Obama under the bus too."You will not lose your doctor. Period. You will not lose your health care provider. Period." He said it dozens of times. Here's a big question: Did he knowingly lie to us? Or option two: Was he so clueless, and all his people during the Promise Period of Obamacare,that he didn't know? Either question has dire consequences.
I held my tongue (Keyboard, actually) until I tried it myself. Obamacare's grade, F.

Okay,that's enough Obamacare for awhile.


Mel said...

Your frustration over Obamascare is quite apparent... so, for your physical health's sake, TAKE A BREAK OR SOMETHING. And... for you mental health's sake, BREAK SOMETHING!

Kevin Parsons said...

I think I'll break a take.