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The iPhone 7.0

We haven't done a product test for awhile, so after buying an iPhone, I decided to give it a month and deliver a full, well informed report. I learned, after the iPad (the tool of Satan), not to gush too early, as my experience with it went from marveling delight to confusion to disappointment to anger to MORE anger to MORE ANGER to surrender to acceptance. We'll skip all that.
However, buying the iPhone at the Verizon store in Cedar City from Katie was a wonderful experience. Katie didn't play the 'super geek' card, so I could actually understand her. She took plenty of time to show me it's features (perhaps because there were no other customers) and went above and beyond, like removing the thousand plus Facebook addresses from my Contacts. No idea how they got there.
Speaking of contacts, those all get transferred. Very nice.

The camera works fine and it's an 8 megasquirts of power, so the pictures look great.
I'm getting dialed in on Facebook, LinkedIn and Hootsuite, so my social media will tire of me easily. "Getting the oil changed! They're even vacuuming the floor!" "Swept the floor. Found this huge dust bunny." "I just SO tripped on the first step!"
The good news: The iPhone syncs with the iPad, so if I schedule something in one, it's in the other. And because the operating system is similar to the iPad's, I could mange it from the start.
The touch screen is colorful, with large, readable icons and text, so I can easily text while driving. Kidding! I only text on motorcycles.
Now the great news: It has a battery, that actually keeps a charge. My worthless Droid couldn't hold a charge on any given day, so I would turn it off until I needed it, frustrating people who attempted to call me. I know, turn off the Internet and all that, but still the battery was pathetic. Now, I leave it the iPhone on all day, and when people call, I actually answer. Most of the time.
So call me, and I'll tell you how wonderful my iPhone works.

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