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Worst Service, and a Contest!

Our family celebrated the twins' first birthday last weekend in San Diego. My son Tim and his family traveled from Las Vegas to La Mesa, to a Travelodge, where his wife Jamie, in an odd occurrence, had booked a room months ahead. I've never done that. Tim entered the lobby, entering by the front door with a sign that read,
Since it was 2:30, he decided to ask for a bit of grace.
"Hey, we're checking in and I know it's early, but-"
"Could you not read the sign? Check in time is four."
"I know, but we just got in, it's been a long drive with two kids in the car, and-"
"Check in time is four PM."
Here's where Tim ratcheted it up a bit. Tim's not a cruel, angry or mean person. He can be however, sarcastic.
"Fine. We'll just sit in the lobby for an hour and a half while the kids play in here."
"That's it, your reservation is cancelled."
"Yes. You cannot stay here."
Just then Jamie walked in with little Lily, age three.
"Could you direct me to the restroom?"
"The restroom is for customers only. You cannot use it."
Tim, "Come on honey, I'll explain."
The man did told them where they could go- for the bathroom, that is.
And out the door they went, experiencing an amazing display of terrible customer service and rudeness. Can you beat that? If you can beat it, send me your story and I'll post it on the blog, and you can win a signed copy of my book, 'Ken Johnson & Roxi the Rocker.' Send it to and keep it in the body of the email, not as an attachment. It must be your story (as opposed to me telling Tim's) and must be true. After all, this is the Internet.
And these days, it will be on Yelp,, and Travelodge will hear about it. Not to mention a certain blog.


Mel said...

I've NEVER heard anything good about Travelodge before, so have NEVER stayed there. After reading this, I NEVER will!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yes, and Tim isn't your 'in your face' kind of guy, either.