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An Interview With Libby

After her successful 36 hour stint, going 1,500 miles, I thought I'd interview Libby and get her perspective on the trip.

K:      First, congratulations Libby, on a successful trip.
L:       Thank you.
K:      How did this trip differ from the '50 States' tour?
L:       You're kidding, right?
K:      Uh, no.
L:       On word; trailer.
K:      Ah. No towing that trailer.
L:       Correct. If you ask me, you could take it to a recycling place-
K:      Okay, that's enough. Any trouble with weather?
L:       No. It took me quite a while to warm up, coming down the hill from Brian Head.
K:      Women do that.
L:       What?
K:       Take time to... um, warm up.
L:        Don't be gratuitous. The weather was fine, even the cold evenings didn't bother me like they did you boys.
K:       Yeah, it was pretty cold.
L:        I like the long rides. This trip and the trip to Sacramento were such fun. And Gordy and Michelle got to ride in California. But this trip, and even staying in this garage, has been wonderful.

K:       Um, that's going to change soon. You'll be going back to Vegas.
L:        What? Why? This garage is light and airy, you stop in regularly... the one in Vegas is dark and foreboding. Why would we go there? I want to stay here.
K:        One word. Snow.
L:         Snow?
K:        Yep.
L:        Soon?
K:       Could be.
L:        Get me out of here. Today. Go get your helmet. Find the key-
K:       Hang on, hang on, we'll plan it-
L:        Put on your Gerbings, let's go. And leave that hideous trailer here too.
K:       We're bringing it along.
L:        No! Certainly you can get it in the Dumpster, down at the corner.
K:       Libby,you're a team.
L:        We are certainly not a team. The trailer is a pain in the-
K:       Easy. We're a PG rated blog. Focus, Libby. Snow.
L:        Oh. right. Let's go. Right now.
K:        Soon.
L:         Today. Or I'll blow a fork seal. I'll blow a headlight bulb, I'll throw a rod, so help me.
K:        Right. You're a Gold Wing. Give it a rest.
L:         Rest? When's our next trip? I need an oil change too. Check my tire pressures. And don't be afraid to clean me. Have you seen the bugs on my windshield? Have you ever heard of Armor All?
K:        Okay, this interview is over.
L:         Wax? Chrome cleaner? Aluminum polish?
K:        Thanks. Libby. Say goodbye.
L:         Have you seen the cobwebs in this garage? Have you ever swept in here?
K:        Goodbye.


Karla Akins said...

That was a great interview. LOL. Loved it.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Now it is snowing, and Libby is freaking!