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What a Time to Live!

I spoke with my sister on the phone as she described a great book, a common interest of ours. As she waxed on about it, I grabbed my iPad and touched a bunch of tabs on screens.
"I got it."
"The book. I downloaded it."
We live in amazing times.

My wife searched 'free books' on her Nook and got eight million hits. There isn't a library in the world that can do that. And she's got hundreds of books in the little slim thing. Of course, she can check her email too.
Phones that take not good, but great pictures. Stick a few dozen on Facebook for everyone to see. Shoot a short video and send it to your cousin in Italy. Skype your wife when you're working away from home.

This morning I remembered I needed to renew the license on my bike, so I got my wallet off the nightstand and paid for it and got it ordered. Before I got out of bed. Anybody remember standing in line at the DMV?

GPS didn't exist just a few years ago, and before it came into being, my youngest son spent a good part of his life driving around, lost.
Buy a flat screen TV for a few hundred bucks. Incredible picture, right?

Remember economy cars from the sixties? The VW bug featured a four speed, wipers and (terrible) heater , maybe an AM radio. You had to jump on the bumper to get the hood clear to open it. Today's cheap cars feature air conditioning, seat belts, air bags, and dependable comfort. No one under thirty knows what a starting procedure for a cold car means.

Play a thousand songs on a device as small as a cigarette lighter. Speaking of cigarettes, almost everywhere is now smoke free, thanks so much.

So yes, the government is being run by idiots, gas is expensive and dear God may we all dodge the bullet of college loans, but we live in an amazing, wonderful and convenient place. And we're just getting started!
Celebrate it.

Snow in Brian Head today. Beautiful. 

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