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In the spirit of the veterans 'storming' the WWII Memorial (thank God the SWAT teams showed up!) my friend Mike Keeler and I crossed over into Federal territory this weekend, without asking for permission. We'd had some snow and cold weather, but not too much, not enough to stop us from riding our quads.
The roads vacillated from bare and dry to muddy to six inches of snow, a fun mix. And even though the weather felt a bit nippy, working those machines kept the frostbite at bay.
We ended up at a great viewpoint opposite Cedar Breaks. Finally, my guilt took over.
"Mike, look the other way! That's a  National... um, park, or monument or something. we shouldn't be looking at it." Jeez, what were we thinking?
Ha! I can write about it because the NSA is shut down, so they're not monitoring emails or phone calls.
What? Open again? Tomorrow?

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