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Touring Utah

Mel and Judy graced us with their presence, so we went tour-guide and showed them Utah in all its glory. That included Brian Head, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Cedar Breaks National Monument Park (thank you all for being open!)

While the weather felt a bit frightful (lows as low as 15), when Mr. Sun made his appearance, it wasn't too bad. Fortunately we enjoyed calm weather. The pictures tell the story, except I must warn you that Bryce is disappearing, due to erosion, four times faster than Zion. It will be missing in three million years, so you’d better get there before it’s too late!

The happy couple. 

A dead tree in the  foreground, cool. Imagine doing that with people. Okay, don't. 

A Typical posture.

Bamama, Bambi and Bambette. Awww. Where's a rifle when you need it? Right. In a national park.

Zion. It means, 'A place of safety and refuge.' If you're a deer.

Red Canyon State Park. Never closed. Neener neener neener, feds. 

Bryce, with fabulousity. It deserves a new word. 

QG and me. She's smiling, in spite of being over a mile from a sewing machine.

Brian Head is building a lake. Ice fishing, ice skating, kayaking and fishing. Very cool. 

Sunset at Brian Head Peak, 11,300 ft., full moon, 15 degrees, shrieking winds, but gorgeous. 

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Mel said...

KP & QG are the best tour guides... EEEVVVERRR! Thanks again to both of you for a wonderful time! Judy and I look forward to seeing you again soon when you're in the Seattle area.