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50 States Take-Aways

We've been back for four months. What did we get from the 50 States in 50 Weeks trip and how have we changed? First, we’re living in a temporary situation in Brian Head, Utah, elevation 9,500 feet. We rented our house out for the trip until the end of January. While we've thoroughly enjoyed living here over the summer, winter makes us wonder, as its snowed three times already.

Before the trip, I would have been jumping out of my skin and feeling rudderless, a common malady since 2009 when the business closed. Yet while the situation is in flux, both QG and I are comfortable in this situation, and have done better at living one day at a time.

This could be the quietest place on earth, since it’s a vacation place, the big times being summer (mountain biking and hiking), and winter (skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling). We don’t have a neighbor for miles, the cabins empty and silent. You can hear a moth polishing its wings.
This culture gives me time to write –and rewrite- ’50 States in 50 Weeks: Easy Rider Revisited.’ I’m on the fifth rewrite. Don’t ask. But sitting in the loft with a view of the woods, it’s hard to imagine a more inspiring place to write.
A typical day includes chopping and splitting wood, burning brush, home repairs, and afternoons dedicated to writing. When we used to visit the cabin, I’d be wracked with guilt, as so many things needed to be done, and we’d come up to play. Now I've caught up many projects, and have some time for playing too.
I learned how much I like to work, as this summer I worked for my business partner, Gordie, for a month. I have a few options available to me, and will be working when we return to Las Vegas.

Another take away from the trip? We still love road trips. We’ll be taking more. Next month is the annual, ‘Take Dad from Seattle to Lake Havasu City’ event. Starts November 1st. Can hardly wait.


Mel said...

I hate to resort to puns, but I hope the new owners have an ice time operating their new resort. After all, there's no business like snow business! :o)

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Liar. "I hate to resort to puns." Right!