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Grandkids- Honestly!

No one exudes honesty like a kid. They say exactly what's on their mind. But what if they're so young they can't even talk? My granddaughter Sara spoke her opinions quite clearly the last few days, and at ten months old, made them known to all. I would get on the floor beside her and give her my best smile. She would look at me, frown, put her face on the carpet and wail. Okay, not exactly wail. More like wail, cry, scream and howl. Got it. Not wild about G-Man. Once she performed the same exercise, only on the tile, with even worse results. I knew I could win her over. So in the spirit of 'the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result,' I tried it numerous times with predictable results. Okay. Time for a new approach. As her mother held her, I would approach slowly...slowly... big smile... Wail, cry, scream and howl. Dangit. The first half dozen times actually drew laughs from me as well as everyone else, but after that, with no forward progress, it got less funny. In a strange burst of wisdom, I decided to stop the exercise.
Last night the kids went out for the evening so Quilter Girl and I got to watch Sara and her twin brother Sam. To be honest (and Sam was honest too), he wasn't exactly wild about me. I kept my distance from her for everyone's peace of mind and focused on Sam. Pretty good outcome. Until bed time. Sam HATES bed time. He let us know that fact, in no uncertain terms, using such communication as wail, cry, scream and howl. Sara picked up the vibe and the two of them belted out the duet in full volume. QG can't help me with Sam, as she can't put Sara down, and no way are we switching kids. Sheesh! Thank God we had a tranquilizer gun. Kidding! Today we bid adieu to the kids and G-kids and I waved to Sara from a distance. On the way home we stopped to see Lily and Christian, two more G-kids. Lily met us at the door hopping up and down shouting, "G-man! G-man!"
She's honest too. I love that. I'll work on Sara. She'll come around. Please, dear God, may it be.

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