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Awesome New Innovations- I Think

I bought a new camera, as our junky Olympus died. It refused to turn on or off, with the telephoto lens extended. I danced back to Best Buy to get another Fuji, the XP model, a little point-and-shoot that supposedly is shockproof to five feet, and waterproof to twenty feet. We used one on the Adventure and loved it, but found it unable to be loss proof. Like for instance if Quilter Girl were to leave it on the trailer and we took off, it wouldn't be there when we returned looking for it. A little throwing of QG under the bus there. And my humblest apologies to all you bus drivers too.

This thing takes good pictures, and even I can figure out how to program it without reading the owner's manual. God forbid we'd look at that, right?

However, In all my life, I have never, repeat, NEVER purchased a camera with a life preserver. Yes, it does. Apparently it can't swim on it's own, so apparently the little life jacket fits around it. I never thought I'd see the day I bought a camera with water wings.

So here's the question: If it comes with a life preserver for the 'waterproof to twenty feet' feature, why doesn't it come with a helmet for the 'shockproof to five feet'?

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