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G-Man, Nana and the G-kids

We planned as much fun as possible with the G-kids, including hiking The Narrows in Mt. Zion National Park yesterday. If we could read a map, we perhaps could have gotten there an hour earlier, but no matter.
Interesting, hiking in a narrow (hence the name) channel, between two mighty cliffs, and most of the trek took place in the river, filled with silt so one cannot see where one is walking. A walking stick helped immensely.
I've decided that we notice stupid people because they stick out in a crowd. More crowd, more stupid people. One dad struggled through the river while carrying a toddler in his arms. Brilliant. Another, a woman, used her stick with one hand and held her cell phone in the other. Never know when that all important call will come in. And the lady with the thong provided comedic distraction. But most people hiked with good common sense with no resulting damage. And we had a great time.
Today we learned to work, and one project involved painting the benches. Logan said, "Hey look, I painted the tree." D'oh! Okay, okay, it's just paint on a tree. Interesting the impulses of an eleven year old boy. Lindsay meanwhile worked on- you guessed it- a quilt with Nana. Good stuff. Tomorrow we'll head for San Diego, where we visit more kids and G-kids, and drop our G-kids off. More good family times.

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