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Family Fun

When you live in a cabin, guests take on new importance. Having family come to visit means so much more, so we better have fun! That includes splitting wood (Logan),
riding the quads (Lindsay and Jamie),
celebrating a birthday (Tim),
proving that anything can be a toy to a kid (Christian),
playing boat and oar with a laundry basket and spoon (Lily),
hanging at the fire with Mom (Jonathan and Quilter Girl),
and making sure everyone has fun (Me).
When lightning flashed, thunder roared and rains poured down, that meant dust free riding and huge puddles, making for lots of laundry (oops, sorry QG) and fun. And what do you know? We could build a big fire during the middle of summer. With everything quite damp, old Dad had to resort to his (ahem) magic fire starting liquid. Instant fire! Sure we were crowded and everyone woke up when the kids did, and logistics proved to be daunting, but we made some great memories. Lindsay and Logan stayed for awhile, so we'll head to Zion for some memorable hiking tomorrow.
Family. Great stuff.


Mel said...

Looks like waaaay too much fun for an old guy to be havin'!
WAIT! You're not old! You're just a few months younger than me!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yes I am YOUNGER than you. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pictures of the cabin!!