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Tennis, Upsets and Inspiration

This may seem like a tennis blog, but it isn't. 135th ranked Steve Darcis defeated two time Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal in an incredible upset. They play the best versus the lowest ranked players in the first round, and usually it's a rout. However, Darcis performed above his ability, and shocked the tennis world. Afterword, the announcers said that upsets beget upsets, and four more amazing turns of events made Wimbledon a fascinating twist of fate this year.
Why do upsets beget upsets? A guy like Sergiy Stakhovsky (ranked 116th) is going to face seven time champion Roger Federer and sees Nadal's collapse and says to himself, “Maybe I could do something like that.” Contrarily, Roger sees the giant fall and says the opposite to himself. ”Wow. If Nadal could fall, maybe I could too.” Stakhovsky defeated Federer.
Former champion Maria Sharapova fell to Michelle Larcher in the first round too. I contend that they have all the skills. The edge- or lack if it- is in their mind.
Darcis inspired me, half a world away. I rode my bicycle toward the Brian Head Summit yesterday and said, “If Darcis could defeat Nadal, I certainly can make the summit.” Enough messing around, I'll go for it. The part remaining was all dirt road, well packed and steady, with the last half mile a good climb, and at 11,000 foot of elevation. I drank plenty of fluids, stopped often and ran out of water, air and legs, but reached the summit, woo hoo! I yelled and whooped, but not for very long as the winds cooled my sweat. Better head back. Today I gimp around and creak once in while, and getting up from a squatting position begets a few groans. But I made it! The epilogue? Steve Darcis couldn't compete in the next round. He'd left it all on the court the day before, jacked his shoulder so badly he couldn't serve. Somehow that meant more to me, knowing he gave his all. Congratulations Mr. Darcis.


Jeanette Levellie said...

I don't follow tennis, but this is a study in psychology as well as sports. I'm so pleased you made the summit, Kevin! Great for you!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Right Jeanette. It didn't need to be tennis, but could have been any sport, or a business as well.

Mel said...

Love your tennis analogy. What? What pun?

As we all know, when it comes to tennis, love bites!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I love your analogy. Wait, no I ZERO your analogy. No, that's not right. You served your analogy well. An ace.

Mel said...

The game of tennis... What a racket!