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The Clothesline Rebellion

Contrary to most of society, Quilter Girl and I decided to put up a clothesline. These days, the line gets no respect. It's the finest solar powered clothes dryer known to man! Yet it gets a bad rap, people turning up their noses at it like whoever dries their clothes outside is a...a...second rate citizen. Come on!
When I say we decided to put up a clothesline, that means we made the call, but I put it up, using every craftsman skill handy to me, like digging a hole, mixing cement, inserting the sleeve, checking the pole to insure it stood level, and waiting patiently for the concrete to cure. The next day QG put it through the wringer (Get it? Wringer? Pun intended). Fortunately the solar clothes drying people thought to include clothes pins. With warm temperatures and a cool breeze, the clothes dried just fine. Some people don't like air dried clothes, claiming them to be hard or stiff. And I'll admit I was worried about shattering my jeans when I put them on. However, they loosened up just fine with a few deep knee bends. And towels, people complain that they are rough. I beg to differ. Not that they aren't rough, they are, but I prefer the sandpaper effect. But the one thing that dryers just cannot do, no matter how many dryer sheets or fabric softeners one could use, is the smell. Put on a shirt, fresh off the line,and it treats you to a fresh, clean smell like no other. You can't fake that! Aaahhh. So nice. So, ladies and gentlemen, I encourage you to get out there and get yourself a solar clothes dryer and save the planet! What? You say you're in a Homeowner's Association? Then by all means do it! Oh, you'll get warned and maybe fined. But you're taking one for the team, saving electricity, which is far more important than making your neighborhood look like a third world country. That's your case, and you need to be willing to fight to the death for it. Rise up everyone! Get your backyard decorated with the sight of the family's clothes. Everyone's. All of them. Stand up for your right to smell fresh and clean. It's the right thing to do.


Mel said...

Wringer, eh? Good one! Your story sounds a bit fabricated, but it is tightly woven, never-the-less. Certainly, no one should accuse you of being all washed up!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I don't know... I thought it was a bit starchy.