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Recent Goals- Batter Up!

I'm a believer in setting and hopefully achieving goals. How can you hit the baseball if you don't swing the bat? Since returning from the 50 States in 50 Weeks trip, it's time to look at what pitch to swing for and hopefully knock it out of the park. And if I swing for the fences and get a single, that's better than not stepping up to bat. Here's some goals I've set: Physical:
I've determined to bike from the cabin to Brian Head summit. It's just over six miles, no big deal, and I'm already at the halfway point. I've biked a century (100 miles) in the near past, so what's the struggle? First, I spent a year doing almost no exercise. Going to take a bit to get back into form to hit triples an home runs.
Second, the elevation. The cabin sits at 9,300' and the summit pierces the sky at 11,300'. Oxygen deprivation makes for a tougher ride. Next, the climb. It gains 2,000' in that distance, and parts of it are at a thirteen percent grade, a slow slog indeed.
Third, the last half is dirt road. It takes more energy to pedal through dirt than a smooth paved road. And last, the bike. It's not a road bike, but a fat tire mountain bike, giving more resistance, and more weight. I set a date for the end of summer to accomplish that goal, but should be standing at the summit, gasping for air, in around two weeks. Cool. Then I'll set another goal. Spiritual:
On Father's Day, our pastor showed a picture of a dad praying over his kids. It really impacted me and I set my goal to pray for my kids and grandchildren every day. For many of you that may sound simple, but I've spent a lifetime being a pathetic pray-er. So, one baby step. Our lifestyle helps me to find a quiet time. Financial:
Vague, but QG and I are committed to reduce and eventually eliminate debt. Our commercial Real Estate investments have plenty of debt, and if we've learned anything from the Great Recession (and I hope we've learned a lot), it's that debt is not our friend. One of our commercial buildings had sixty seven percent vacancy, and had it been leveraged, we would have lost it. Career:
Get the book, '50 States in 50 Weeks: Easy Rider Revisited' written. I'm halfway through and it's finally going well. Getting it written has been a challenge, and this is the third attempt, as my Agent, Terry Burns and I have tweaked it a few times. The writing business is so crazy. I'm used to buying a piece of construction equipment or Real Estate and almost immediately putting it to work and hopefully make some money with it. Writing takes very little cash, but lots of time and energy, yet the payoff can be nebulous, if ever. I'll just keep stepping up to the plate, watching the pitches and swinging the bat. I'd also like to get plugged into the church we've attended in Cedar City. Logistically it hasn't happened, but we'll settle in soon and see if we can help out there. That's the nickle tour. Some goals aren't specific enough; it helps to set clear goals with target dates. However, I'd rather set a fuzzy goal than none. How about you? Do you have goals, something to shoot for? No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, it helps to identify something and strive for it. It's better to stand at the plate and swing the bat rather than whine about the score.


Mel said...

Physical, Spiritual, Financial and Career... the bases are loaded. Now all you need is to drive 'em home!

BTW, I consider the inspiration you've given me (and others) with your blogging a real, um... hit!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

With the bases loaded, I just don't want to bunt.