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50 States, 10 Days To Go

After hours of frustration, once again I'm unable to post photos. A solution is to start another blog. So please go to


Tim Rockstar said...

I think you should start another blog called "DEATH TO YOUR IPAD." Instead of whining about it and beating your brains out you could use the FREE laptop I offered to GIVE you 9 months ago!

Kevin Parsons said...

Actually, to be fair, the iPad is often the messenger. It should be Death To Google. Now that I wrote that, they'll probably come take me out. They know exactly where I am, who my friends are, what I buy...
I'm afraid. Very afraid.

Anonymous said...


Where what time specifically are we meeting in Pahrump on the morning of the 19th?

CT, ><>

Kevin Parsons said...

CT: TENTATIVELY (nned ot confirm reservations) we'll meet at Terrible's campground for breakfast around 8:30. I need to get it firmed up, get th eaddress and all. I'll keep y'all posted on a a... post.