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50 States Weekly Wrap-Up, Week 43


"I'm a federal agent and you're under arrest for standing in front of the white line."

Florence Martus. Waved at ships for 44 years. Reminds me of my mother who waved a towel at passing trains. 

"Take a hard left." Oops. Bad choice of words. 

Paula. She's a big deal in Savannah. 

Me 'n QG and 400 Live Oak trees. 120 years old. The trees, not us. 

Sewing and watching NASCAR. Who cares if it's raining?

Knitting and... probably watching NASCAR. Looking good!

Glad I didn't live in this era. 

At his age he's still passionate.

Mirror homes. Identical on both sides. 

25 Million bricks to build Fort Pulaski
9 Steps to load and fire a musket in the Civil War
3 Shots a minute a good soldier could possibly fire
3 Baptist churches within a mile of each other, two really big. Bible Belt, indeed!
40,000 Miles on Libby as of this week.


How come waitresses can't take your card, ask about tip amount, and run it? Saves a lot of running around the restaurant. I suppose it's rude to ask about the tip. 

Congratulations to Economy Motel in Jesup, winner of the Most Disgusting Shower Curtain award. This took time, probably forty years to develop the cigarette smell. The mold was a nice touch too. This is a hotly contested event, trust me.

God bless the South, with deep roots and pride. 

And God bless Libby too. She turned forty k this week and doesn't look a bit over... well...ninety. But she provides trouble free riding, for sure. A couple of fork seals, a few headlight bulbs and services. Not even brake pads yet. But gobs of tires. 

John Wesley got started in Savannah. He preached in Georgia for 21 months, then "Shook off the dust of my feet" and returned to England. He formed the Methodist church. 

We're over 2/3 of the way through winter and I say yay!

We drivers could all slow it down a bit. If you miss a turn, don't slam on the brakes. Go up a block or two and get turned around. If you're waiting for a break in traffic, wait for a real break. If somebody wants in, give them a spot. We get in a car and become some kind of warriors. 

We are finally beginning to throw stuff away. There's a LITTLE more room now. After looking at crap you've drug around for ten months, it's time to say goodbye. 


We're riding up the on ramp and you're backing down it, half in our lane because you can't back up worth a hoot. Obviously you took the wrong ramp, so why not back down it for a half mile? God forbid you'd drive to the next off ramp. You wear the sash and tiara this week. Backwards. By the way, it's pretty pathetic when you beat an SUV, rolled on it's side on perfectly flat pavement, for the award. 
Don't forget 'Church Surch,' previous post. Find out who's going to take over the world. 


Mel said...

Congrats to Libby on turning 40k. Is that 40k since she was a baby scooter, or 40k on this trip? Either way, it's no wonder she gets tired. Tired... get it? Tired!

You're probably tired of my tire jokes, so I guess I'll retire for the night...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

40k on her odometer,30,500 for her this trip. Add Alaska and you get 33,000. Give or take.

Anonymous said...

Those Oak trees are awesome. I would love to see them in the snow. Can you hang out there until it snows and take a picture for me? Wait...nah. You can keep going. And those treepee's...would be fun for camping. Next family reunion? Miss you guys! -Leah

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

We feel like the filling in a snow sandwich! Snow in states behind and ahead of us. Hopefully it dissipates before us and who cares behind?