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50 States, Day 302

   Macon to Atlanta, 137 Miles
 "I hear, I know.  I see, I remember.  I do, I understand."

 The wonderful, glorious sun blessed us all day, with temps rocketing into the low sixties, wonderful. We loaded up and headed out, taking 475 and 75 North to Atlanta. While the road less traveled is preferable, sometimes it's best just to point it there.

 We're getting to loathe big cities. First, the noise. Trucks, cars, two lanes on either side with noise rocketing back from the sound walls. Second, the concrete. From the driving lanes to the sound walls to the retaining walls and overpasses, the world turns a dreary gray when one enters big cities. And finally, the congestion. While traffic was light as it was Sunday noon, nonetheless myriad cars jockeyed for position, merging and swerving everywhere. We arrived at the Super 8 early, but the very friendly man checked us in and gave us directions to Kinnesaw National Battlefield. We got lost of course, but fired up the GPS on the phone and found it. However, as Super(8)man warned, it was crawling with people. Enough that we couldn't find a parking place, moving at sloth speed behind six other trollers, and not even a motorcycle sliver. Forget it! We cruised a bit and rode through downtown Marietta, beautiful. Once more they built a city with a nice square in the center, the old buildings still standing. 

Ever heard of the Marietta Diner? Apparently it appeared on the Food Network, and it was packed too. A thirty minute wait, and the place was rocking. After five minutes the hostess asked if anyone would take two adjacent counter seats. Sure. That's a great place to watch the activity, and those people are kinetic. After Pablo bashed into our waitress for the second time with coffee, she showed us the carnage from previous encounters with him, numerous burns on her hand. No wonder she yelled at him. 
The food tasted great, Eggs Benedict for me and a Monte Cristo Wrap for QG. Amazingly enough, the service was excellent. But wow, those people are on it. 
Back to the motel for a bit of NASCAR, writing and reading. And now, full of food and car racing, Quilter Girl!

The whole of Atlanta must have been in the two parking lots at the battlefield park.  Both  lots were full and people were driving around and around waiting to get a spot.  I wonder if this is the only place to walk in the woods in the city of Atlanta.  The sunshine was so wonderful that the ride was worth it.  
The diner was recommended by the very friendly motel clerk and it was worth the wait.  I wish I could have even considered one of their desserts, the diner is also a bakery that specializes in huge seven layer cakes of many flavors.  We watched as a server scooped ice cream beside three different kinds of cake.  Each piece would have generously served four.  If we can't sleep tonight, I am sending Kevin for cake!  They are open 24 hours.

Tomorrow we'll tour the Capitol building, weather permitting or maybe we'll do it anyway. See you then. 


Mel said...

Too bad you couldn't go for a "walk in the woods" with all the residents of Atlanta, but I am curious about one thing... Did KP to do a cake walk in the middle of the night? Just wondering...

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

No cake, no walk, no night, no sir!