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50 States Church Surch, Week 44

  Wimbish Road Seventh Day Adventist Church

"Therefore, everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house upon a rock."
Matthew 7:24

Since we're standing down due to inclement weather, I elected to be a Seventh Day Adventist today, and hopefully tomorrow we'll head to Atlanta. 

Note to self: If you've written directions to the church, you should follow them. Like for instance, when you write, 'Lt. on Log Cabin,' you shouldn't turn right. 

Arriving late, I slipped into a back pew of an A frame, open ceiling church, with maroon carpet and blond pews. A single piano afforded us musical accompaniment. WRSDAC looked to be a going concern, with a school 1-8, church and other buildings. Been around since before the Depression. Around a hundred faithful graced the rows, a mix of ages and races. The little kids stayed throughout the service. 

Apparently having church on Saturday was a big deal, enough to cause a split somewhere sometime, and even today they speak of it's importance, the seventh day being the day of rest. People greet one another with, "Happy Sabbath," and the leaders say it from the altar with the congregation responding too.
The kids went forward for the kids' sermon, walking up the aisle and collecting cash from the faithful and made bank, the money going to the children's ministry. And I got an idea: Have your ushers carry puppies or babies, and watch the budget get balanced. 

Pastor Witt, who's been a preacher since 1973, spoke. His preaching style was storytelling and scriptures, and he spoke of the wise man building his house on the rock, the word of God. Some of the issues he identified that erode that rock foundation were homosexuality-he cited a half dozen scriptures, then reiterated that sin is sin and we are all sinners. Also our rights as Americans are being dissipated. Then he quoted a Catholic that indicated the Catholic Church's goal was world domination, and the two obstacles were communism and Western materialism. Communism is history, so the only obstacle to their domination of the world is people shopping on the Sabbath. I'm just reporting.

He also hammered home that we don't go to heaven after death. Quoted 'Whoever believes on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.'  I think they believe we don't get to heaven until the resurrection. 

But my opinion is this: It seems like Jesus scolded the Pharisees for their wielding the rules like a sword. This seemed like a rules wielding church. One thing they did was have a vote to support a family's move to Detroit. Huh? It sounded like they just moved there, probably for work or family, not a church employee. Do they need the vote to get into a church in Michigan?

People weren't outgoing or friendly, and I realized the common denominator is me; I'm just not reaching out and chatting up people. However, it had the same country club feel, that once you're in, you're in and getting into the circle can take some time. Seems like most churches are like that.


Mel said...

I'm voting that you don't join this church, AND... that you don't shop on the Sabbath, whatever day THAT is!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

No! We MUST shop on the Sabbath to stop the world domination of the Catholic Church! Get yer shoppin' shoes on!

Amy said...

I think most churches tend to have their cliques. It's a fact of life, every church I have been to has had a clique in one way or another. However, I think once you find a church you love it's important to be active in it. Calvary Chapel Spring Valley is the one I attend currently.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Amy, I'm happy to hear you found a good church. Finding one can be a big step.