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50 States, Day 296

  Monticello, FL to Jesup, GA, 194 miles
"Do something every day that scares you."
~Eleanor Roosevelt
Greetings from the Economy Motel and Liquor Store. Gotta love the South. Y'all. And Georgia feels like Deep South, the accents as thick as grits. Because we only rode today and nothing exciting happened (A good thing, really), I'd like to highlight Amazing Things. Like:

Amazing that QG and I are speaking. That sounds worse than it is, but since we live in such close proximity to one another, almost 24/7, it's amazing we're doing well, and we are.

Amazing, this country. From the glaciers of Alaska to the Florida Keys, the Rocky Mountains to the Midwest plains, this is one fabulous country.

Amazing, this country. And our country, based on freedoms rather than oppression, allowing us freedom of speech, religion, the press, and the ability to travel trouble free from state to state, is wonderful.  

 Amazing Libby. The Gold Wing makes America small. A couple of decades ago, an
uber trip like this was truly a dream. Now she hums along, the quiet engine pulling the heavy load, and with carefree maintenance and repair.

The amazing tent trailer. "Wow, that's some trailer. Mind if I watch you set it up?" "Sure." In less than ten minutes it's a king sized bed, room for two to stand and sit, and a basement to haul a lot of crazy stuff.

The amazing camera. We've taken thousands of photos, erased thousands, edited, enhanced, performed miracles like night shots, sport settings to stop action, shot underwater, and managed low light. And we've tested its shock resistance too.
The amazing iPad. I know, this is difficult, but for such a small tool, it performs incredible things that weren't even considered ten years ago. Like the blog. And touch screen. And wifi. And the portable keyboard.

The amazing parks, battlefields and memorials. We've done a fabulous job of restoring and remembering.
Amazing people. That includes past presidents (happy President's Day), leaders and visionaries that have helped make our society great.
Amazing friends and relatives. Many people have helped make this trip successful. Dozens of people have helped with parties, handling logistics in our absence, and support. Thank you all!
And amazing followers. Thanks to each of you for following, commenting, contacting us by email and chatting at truck stops and rest areas. So many people from all over the world are friendly and easy to speak with about our journey and theirs too. Because no matter who you are or where you are, you're on a journey. Hope it's going great.
And now, thawed out and appreciating the amazing motel (with heat), Quilter Girl!          
I am certainly appreciating the heat from our very loud heater.  It is not so cold tonight as last night when it hurt to breathe, but I am happy to be in a room with real walls, not just fabric!

Georgia is very different from Florida.  There are hills, red Georgia clay and lots of farms.  We took Highway 19 from the campground to Highway 84 in Georgia in a semi direct route to Savannah.  There are lots of farms, small towns and the people are very friendly.  We had dinner at a local restaurant called Captain Joe's. They had an amazing salad bar that went with all their dinners. That was the best part of the whole meal, I have been craving a good salad bar for a while.  It was a nice find tonight.

And so many other things: the heated suits, intercoms, motorcycle shops, campgrounds and motels, restaurants and Diet Pepsi (a little product placement there.)  Tomorrow we will get to Savannah, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. See you then.



Mel said...

What amazes me is the positive attitudes that the two of you have. You probably have many reasons to be grouchy and at each others throats. but no... you're looking at the bright side and being thankful for so many things. THANK YOU for reminding us what a great country we do live in, and of the many things for which we can all be thankful. You two are amazing!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Well... sometimes we get grouchy and those parts are unprintable. But we haven't left any permenent marks yet!

Anonymous said...

I second what Mel said! Thanks for taking the time to document your adventure. Sometimes, I feel like I'm with you guys and I love that!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

No wonder Libby's so slow! She's pulling a hundred people or so. Oops, don't tell her I said that!