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50 States, Day 297

Jesup to Savannah South,  60 Miles

“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which, in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant.”

The cold was behind us, but rain set us back a bit today. After not very long, we decided to stop just short of Savannah. A motel advertised '$27.99 per Night,' and looked better than last night's dump. Sure enough, much better. No smoking tonight.

We needed to take care of business anyway-Quilter Girl paying taxes and bills, while I shopped. Hmm. Which is worse, paying taxes or shopping? I bought some new boots and-I know this will shock and amaze you-took my time and made a good decision. Usually I grab the first bright thing I see and hope for the best.

The cooler died too, the handles refusing to handle anymore. I searched the camping section in Wally's World (a considerable hike) and found two candidates; one a bit smaller and one a skoshe larger. Being a proud American, I went big. Next I took the tools out and reset the mounting brackets to receive the larger box. My, it looks nice-and makes the rest of the trailer look dingy!

Tomorrow we will tour Savannah. Mr. Sun is supposed to grace us with his presence both tomorrow and Thursday, then rain again Friday and Saturday. Got to go and toss the old cooler into the Dumpster. A moment of silence-okay that's enough.

Speaking of dumping stuff, I finally tossed the Coleman stove. We haven't used it for months, probably used it four or five times total, so 'bye bye!' Even with a limited amount of space, we still manage to have more than we need. Although when I returned from shopping, QG asked if I bought any jeans. Nah. These haven't fallen off yet.

And now, shaking off writer's cramp from all those checks, Quilter Girl!

Today was a business day, after I finished my book.  I know where my priorities are.  It is a very gray, dreary day that had us trying to decide whether or not to ride into Savannah for a reconnaissance mission, but the rain started back up.  We are being fair weather travelers today.  Getting through the next 12 states may take a while.  There is a really nice looking Arby's on the other side of the parking lot for dinner so we are all set.  I have my knitting and another book so let it rain!  Get it out now so we can enjoy tomorrow!
See you tomorrow, the creek don't rise and all that. The creek did rise today!


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