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Week 41 in Review



This is about the third cannon I've seen pointed at a church. Coincidence?

Boo. Yay.

"Oh, did he say, 'Pull away FROM the dock?'"

"When I grow up I want to be a soldier- with a gargoyle on my head."

Looks like we're way out in the woods. Right smack in the city. 

That's pretty cool. Quilter Girl loved it, of course. 

Quilter Girl reading a Braille map by rubbing it with her face shield.

What is the deal with fireworks? These were across the street from one another. Year round, really?

"Mommy, what are they doing?"
"Reading the paper."
"What's a paper?"


Okay, a little Tourist Lesson here: If you're following a tour-guide in a group, when you enter a room GET IN! Don't stand in the doorway in awe. We're all waiting for you. And move in close to the tour-guide so others can get in too. And stand up straight.

Correction: I previously stated that Spanish Moss isn't Spanish and isn't moss, and that's true. It's a distant cousin to the pineapple. However it isn't a parasite, but gets nourishment from the air. I can't figure that out either. We've seen it hanging from phone wires. 

Last night the campground hosted Karaoke night, so I screwed up my courage and sang for the first time. I followed a guy that sounded just like Elvis. I sang Orleans' song, 'Still the One.' It went okay. Sat back down and shook for ten minutes! Cool to take a risk like that, though. Perfect too, as I didn't know those people.

I wish I was on the Carnival cruise ship with the fire. Extended trip, another free trip and $500. Plus bragging rights for life. "It was horrible. (Wipe away the tears) We had to eat... cold food!"


4 FL is the fourth largest state in population, Who would have thought?
1854         AD, when the old Florida Capitol was built. 
700 Blog posts since inception. Wow.
46,698 Views of the blogs. Thank you all!
6 People in Armenia reading the blog. Thanks in Armenian. 
837 Comments, 836 from Mel. Kidding! 
32 Books I've read on the Adventure. A few less than QG.
700                  Million dollars Disney committed to Disney World in1965. In '50 he struggled to get any money to fund Disneyland.


The bridge is up. The outside lane, our lane, is stopped. The inside lane turns left up ahead and is moving nicely. You pull up beside me and using gestures, asks if you could slide in front of me. Sure, there's a car length and a half. You glide in, but rather than crank it and get in, leave your big fat backside blocking the inside lane. 

The bridge is up for a long time. You could get your passenger out to guide you and jack the car back and forth to get out of the way, but you sit there and hold up the lane, probably for miles. You ma'am, are goofy, and I grant you the sash and tiara. Congratulations!

Don't forget the Church Surch, previous post. And we'll see you tomorrow as we ride to Savannah, Georgia, state 39. Finally, right? Enough Florida. 


Mel said...

836, eh? No comment!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

That's 837! Thanks for commenting Mel. I appreciate your humor.

Mel said...

Unfortunately for our wives and friends... both of them... (you DO have a friend, right?), we share a similar senseless, um... sense of humor. :-)

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

A friend... hmm...