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50 States, Day 300

  Savannah to Macon, 211 Miles

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A pivotal day (literally) as we turned West and headed toward home. While 'home' is a great distance and will include riding North and South (and perhaps East), we turned and pointed ourselves toward the setting sun. And it's day 300. Finally, Libby hit 40,000 miles. 

The weather report indicated rain with a high of seventy- two. We launched and in a few blocks put on the Gerbing gear. Not quite so warm. At mile forty we donned rain gear, as the sky had opened up. If we had wipers, they would be on high. The weatherman nailed it. QG got the worst of the rain, as her jacket acted like a sponge and she wore tennis shoes. 

What Mr. Weatherman missed by a mile, was the high. The temp struggled to fifty- four, then dropped to forty- eight. Had we known we would have plugged in, but we soldiered onward, the chill creeping in with the Cumulative Effect. 

Perhaps it was the grey weather, or maybe the news of the passing of our friend (see previous post), but the landscape, the houses, the businesses looked run down and empty. The rural areas featured broken down houses and empty sheds in various stages of disintegration. 

Paradoxically, some of the downtowns boasted huge brick edifices that seemed too large and expensive for such small towns. Perhaps the towns were larger in better times. And as we searched for a post office, we struggled to make it out from the other brick buildings bearing American flags. In contrast too, a rebel flag waved at a rural house.  

The rain abated, but the clouds boded darkness and the threat of more rain. The clouds descended and visibility waned. Yet we prevailed and got to Macon unscathed but cold. And who knows? While a local said to expect eight inches of rain in the next few days, the prediction warned of one to two inches tonight. We'll take it one day at a time, but may sit out the storm. Oh, right. Thunderstorm, another reason to sit tight. We'll see what tomorrow holds.

And now, thawed and ready, Quilter Girl!

Thawed and doing laundry.  The good thing about coin laundries is I can do two loads at once, plus I get lots of walking in while doing the job.  It was very cold and grey all day.  Typical Seattle weather.  Neither one of us got much sleep last night, so it was a late start, around 11:00.  We chose to stay off the interstate and take 80 West.  We had other choices, but none with the same highway all the way, and the motel was on 80.  It was a nice winding country road, not straight like Florida roads, going through small towns along the way.  We had been unable to find a post office in Savannah, but found one right away.  Small town post offices are great, getting me in and out in minutes.

Dinner was at a nearby Cracker Barrel.  It was good and warm with a fire in their fireplace, something we haven't seen in a long time.


Tomorrow? No clue! We'll see. It'll be a nice surprise for all of us.

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